Coding Foundations (Digital Literacy)

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Coding Foundations (Digital Literacy)

This course will teach you the most basic technical fundaments of coding, and will guide you through the necessary capacities and competencies to face the Full Stack Development Program.

Technological advances make necessary for the people to increase their digital abilities. This course will offer a general view of the vocabulary, concepts and fundamental software developing tools and projects management. It will be introduced through HTML, CSS, Java Script and other programming languages. The practical exercises, which will allow the development of basic applied skills to the creation of websites, will be complemented with dynamics that will train management abilities, problems resolution, creativity, adaptability and communication.

What technologies are you going to learn?

I’m interested and I want to know more

You are going to make a request for information for the Curso Básico Fundamentos de Programación (Digital Literacy) of devCamp. Introduce the following information and we will contact you within 72 laboural hours (as maximum).

    Price of the course:

    500 €

    Payment conditions

    – Inscription: €250

    – Starting the course: €250

    Final price of the course:

    250 €

    Value of the bonification:

    250 €

    VASS Foundation scholarships

    If you are not a worker in active, you are going through an ERTE or you are older than 40 years, VASS Foundation will fund the 50% of the inscription, so you will only have to pay €250.

    Performance Bonus

    Besides, if you pass the programme in less than 5 weeks:

    We will discount the 100% of your previous payment if you take the Full Stack Development Program.

    In addition, you will access directly to the performance scholarship in order to study this programme.


    1. – Digital fundaments and tendencies of the technological industry
      Knowledge of the vocabulary and basic concepts of digital alphabetization.
    2. – CSS and HTML fundaments
      HTML and CSS languages for programming basic websites wchich integrate the use of styles.
    3. – Javascript fundaments
      To learn and implement JavaScript to add mobile characteristics to basic computing projects.
    4.  – Commands line fundaments
      How to use the terminal and the line of commands to complete the assigned programming tasks.
    5.  – Developing skills
      To understand the current tendencies in the technological industry and the possible professional options associated.
    6.  –Management capacity
      To identify management strategies to lead projects, meetings, presentations and associated activities in the technological industry environment efficiently.
    7.  –Team work
      To recognize team work competencies which promote the productive communication, colaboration and negotiation.

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      Previous computing or programing skills are required in devCamp courses?

      Not at all. You just need to know how to do basic actions with your PC: knowing how to create and save a folder, searching on the internet, download a program or app…And of course, if you already have previous knowledge, our itineraries will allow you to quickly achieve professional, avant-grade practice which will sky-launch your professional options.

      Which technical equipment do I need for the course?

      It will be enough with a not really old computer (less than 3 years is perfect). It is necessary to have a webcam and a microphone for remote conferences. And, obviously, a stable and good internet connection.

      High English level is required?

      With a medium level of English, you will not have any problem. Although the main materials and exercises are in English, the videos are subtitled to ease your learning. And any doubt you propose to the tutors, will be answered in Spanish. In addition, the online, free and accessible translation tools will also help you. The devCamp courses are thought for an international and professional environment, and studying the tracks, apart from getting first-level technical information, you will improve your English!

      Are there any exams? Practical cases?

      All the itineraries have an eminently practical orientation. Through the courses you will have different tests and you will be required to interaction, completing exercises and challenges, which will go from easy to harder levels. After the Full Stack Program you will have the most updated and demanded competencies by companies, so you could start working from the following day on. You have further details in the courses programme.

      And if I have any question? Will I have access to any tutor?

      Of course, you could propound the tutors any doubt from the platform, if there is anything you do not understand. You will be monitored by our team, sou you can seize as much as possible our courses. On the Advanced Programmes (as Full Stack Development) you will have individual weekly sessions too, with your tutor. They all have a remarkable experience and have managed thousands of stories successfully, as yours will be. Additionally, if you have any trouble throughout the courses, you can always get in contact with our support department (

      How much time do I have to dedicate to the courses? How long are they?

      They are designed for you to compatibilize them with other activities flexibly. But they require around 15-20 hours a week. It will allow you to complete the introductory course in 4 weeks and the Full Stack Programme in 6-7 months. That is the time that changing your professional life takes.

      Can I study Full Stack Programme if I haven't studied before the Digital Literacy Course, about coding foundations?

      The course Digital Literacy is the first step of the Fully Stack Programme, and it is necessary to pass it. Our experience states that the 95% of people who pass the Introductory course in 4 weeks, can pass successfully the Full Stack Development one.

      Will I only get technical competencies with these itineraries?

      Absolutely not. The soft skills are really important in the Technical Digital Talent. And the professionals who pass our programmes are able to work with a singular humanist and creative perspective. The analytic capacity, creativity, teamwork, discipline, time organization, the commitment with the well-done work, effective communication… These all abilities are taught in our courses.

      Do our titles have any accreditation?

      BOTTEGA’s titles are backed up by important institutions from the USA, such as Distance Education Accreditation Commission (DEAC, of the US Department of Education), the accrediting entity COGNIA (previously AvancED), the American Council On Education (ACE) or the New Charter University. The formation you will receiving is known and valorated all over the world. These private accreditations, also allow a more agile adaptation of the contents respect to the others that exist in the public field. The periodic audits endorse the quality of our contents and methodologies. And they allow us keeping the employability ratios in a very high level.

      Which are my possibilities to get a job?

      Fortunately, with our courses, they are really high. You can consider yourself almost hired! With the Full Stack Programme, around 87% of our students find a job 3 months after beginning the course, and 92% of them after 6 months. Besides, as you go further in through the course, our platform and the monitors will fill a complete CV of practical competencies, which are those that all companies evaluate when hiring: a Curriculum that has been academically reviewed and comes with credit recommendations & transcript by American Council on Education. This CV will be available for you when completing the Full Stack Program, and will be shared with companies asking for those profiles. Only in Spain, there are 25,000 vacancies to cover every year. And internationally, we have 120 employer companies.

      How am I updated once finished the course?

      Just being a student of ours, you will have free updates for ever! And it is free! Periodically the content you learnt is renewed and updated, and it will be to your disposition.

      How much are the courses? How can I know if I can apply for help?
      On the website, there are different financial facilities, all detailed, so it can be adapted to your profile. On some of them we will give you the option of asking for help which can cover nearly the 60% of the course. In other cases, we can invest in your formation, and you will start paying back when you get your first salary, with a percentage which will be proportional to your salary (it will be suspended if you lose your job) To apply, you just have to fill the Applying Form. Among the solicitors, different aspects will be considered (like professional vulnerability, the motivation which led you to the digital world…). Once it is filled, your profile will be evaluated from devCamp, and an employee will get in contact with you within 72 laboural hours for a costumized proposal.
      When do the courses start?

      Once you have completed the administrative process required, and once you have been confirmed, you will be able to start your program immediately.

      If I have any other question?

      For any other doubt, just send an email to and we will solve it.